Mere Intention

be vulnerable

Month: August, 2012

Mommy, are we god’s robots?


Are we god’s people?


She’s right behind me.

(Impromptu conversation with my daughter (4.5 y.o.) while I was writing about the smell of the clothes in the dryer.)


Thump, Thump

Hear the beat of the dryer, swirling and tossing your possessions, the smell of the heat and fabric wafts through the vent to the backyard. Thank the dryer for renewing your belongings with the gentle heat it provides; thank the vent for the aroma it releases, reminding you of an almost complete chore. This step a breather in the process of laundry hell.


See the dust floating through the air? Make it swirl with your gentle, relaxed breath. Remind yourself that you are made of this substance you see.


Open the shades! Let life be lit!


The smell of the garden, just watered, plants bowing with thanksgiving.

Corn Stalks

Corn stalks are perfectly designed to water themselves in the most efficient way possible.


Thumb over the mouth of the hose, feeling all of the water rush by the end of my finger to nourish the crop. The heavy thud of water to the ground releases the smells of life reminding me of the need to be rooted. Rooted in something. Mostly just life, nothing  more. Be conscious of the basics.