by mereintention

Okay, so after some constructive feedback from my therapist, I am working on re-framing my opinion and understanding of myself in respect to being described as accommodating.

Apparently, being accommodating in and of itself doesn’t need to be negative. It can actually be a compliment. Like, being able to be sensitive to the needs of others and react in an appropriate way. Being willing to help people. Caring for and nurturing those around me. Okay, fine. I can see where these things aren’t bad. The point my therapist made was that the people who really love me and care about me as a person see me in this positive light, not as their doormat…though there may be a few individuals who do use me as a doormat and I need to set some serious boundaries with them.

This therapy card is a hard one to play. I’ve only had two appointments and I find myself struggling to stay concise with the information I’m putting out there. There’s so much emotional charge behind everything…I’m waiting for the shit to explode everywhere. Still feeling very preliminary in our conversations, which is appropriate to get a good, accurate foundation.

I have/had no intention of this space becoming a place for me to process therapy sessions, but hey, here it is. And it’s making sense. And I’m merely being intentional by going to therapy and writing. That’s what I’ve got right now.