Fall Back

by mereintention

NaBloPoMo #2

The sun is going to come up exactly as it always has…except it will be just before 6am on the kids’ clock when they wake up. Lovely.

Even after reading this informative article from Yahoo! News, I have to admit I still don’t completely get it. I get confused every time we change times on the clock.

I would rather go to sleep and wake up with the sun, in general, out in the country somewhere with some chores to do than by and alarm clock or people (kids) talking to me first thing in the morning. I just hate morning time. Most of my friends know how I despise this time of day.

On top of early rising kids tomorrow morning, we’re also trying to go to church again – so tomorrow the extra hour will actually be helpful in getting out the door to the classes my kids are excited about. Next week we won’t even feel it.

Set your clock back now. Go to bed when you’re tired.