And the fish…

by mereintention

And I’ll miss the fish – Granny’s fried bass and catfish are basically the only fried fish worth eating, caught by her and Papa, of course. She told me how to make the batter…but I can’t get that fish to put in the batter. Damn it.

And her tomatoes and cucumbers. It took me years to figure out why Granny’s tomatoes are the best on the planet – it was because she grew them herself. I regularly rub my tomato plants on my skin when I’m in the garden because it makes me think of her. She told me a few years ago how to trellis cucumber plants – brilliant.

And Tootsie Pops. When I graduated high school she wrote a memory for my book about giving me Tootsie Pops. She included a picture of the two of us together on my swing set with a sucker in my hand. I was about three or four years old. We were beautiful together.