Solitude – A Personal Reminder

by mereintention

A friend recently blogged about her experience of a silent retreat she attended: Solitude Retreat.

Reading her post reminded me of a trip I took back in April. It was the last day of my job and when I’d finished everything up at the office, I came home, packed up the car and left town while the rest of my family was at school and work.

I took a beautiful two hour drive and set up camp in a one room cabin for the weekend. I read, I wrote in my journal, had a snack, listened to music, laid in bed and started at three foxes in the pine ceiling of the cabin…just basically did nothing. It was great.

On Saturday I drove west and discovered beautiful ranches and open land that led me right up into a national forest. I got out of the car and hiked up into the pines at one point. Found a tree and squatted and leaned my back against it. The sound of the forest is amazing. The scent is overwhelming. I could hear the breeze high up in the tree tops, twenty feet above my head. Then, slowly, the tree began to sway. Rocking me. My chest ached and I cried.

I eventually went back to the cabin and did more laying around. Sunday was the same. I spoke only to order food. I did yoga on boulders on the drive home. Tree pose on gigantic rocks is now a practice for me.

Abi’s post reminded me of mt experience in the forest and my need to seek silence and solitude. Thanks, Abi!