by mereintention

“Stopping is not passive, stopping allows us to look at the world as if we have seen it for the first time. Stopping stops us from keeping things alive beyond their appointed time. Stopping makes us realize everything is going to disappear, including ourselves, and enables us to stop trying to act as if we were immortal. We begin to realize that disappearance can be as miraculous as appearance.” ~from The Three Marriages by David Whyte

Stopping is next to impossible. Even if we can get our bodies to stop moving for a bit, our minds don’t know how to turn off.

Phones beeping to say that someone is contacting us or talking about us. Kids calling out for their butt to be wiped or after having a bad dream. The dvr needing to have some shows watched to make room for more to be recorded. Swishing of the dishwasher, thumping of the dryer, buzz of another load of clothes washed. Dogs needing to shit. Said shit needing to be picked up.

What happens if we intentionally put ourselves in an environment that helps facilitate stopping. Where do you need to go? How long do you think it would take you to get to the point of being able to breathe a single cleansing breath, to feel any sort of release, to just sit with yourself?

It takes me at least 48 hours for me to start to unwind. 48 consecutive hours of silence and alone-ness…to start the process of stopping. This seems impossible, yet I need it.

How do we pursue these needs and support one another in the process?