by mereintention

Today was THE day of scheduling for spring. Our new health insurance started yesterday.

  • Cancel dentist appointments for me and the kids to reschedule with new (but former) dentist who’s on the new dental discount plan
  • Annual wellness exams for the kids
  • Annual wellness exams for the dogs
  • Chiropractor appointment (made and went)
  • Figure out price for and bite the bullet on paying cash for a therapist appointment since aforementioned insurance has no mental health coverage
  • Hang-out-with-friend time for the boy before he starts back to school
  • Call gyn about lady stuff

This doesn’t look like a lot when written down in bullet points, but it’s all the productivity I can muster for the week, probably.

I also had some great conversations with my sister about college. It’s great – and scary – having a nineteen year old living in your house, just starting to make her own decisions about life. I am blessed to get to be a part of this time of her life.