Here we go…

by mereintention

Today was the official first day of work.

Up at 555, out the door at 643, at the bus stop half a minute too late for the intended bus. It was still dark. It was nice and cool outside and I had fresh coffee in my travel mug. I sat on the bench waiting for the next bus at 711. Bus comes, the bus pass that I purchased last week was expired. The driver was kind and told me how to get it taken care of. Quiet, early morning ride. Woman at main transit station renews my pass for a full month from today instead of just through the end of March. Walked to the office.

There is a space set up for me…just not the space I’m supposed to have. I decide to continue rolling with the morning. I sat at the space that was kindly set up for me at 400 on Friday afternoon. I tracked down and learned to use video phones…one is supposed to be at my desk, which should be in a small room with a door.

You see, I’ll be spending the next nine months in training. From a distance. My entire team sits in the eastern time zone and I need to be able to video chat and talk to them extensively during the business day.

I’m looking forward to getting settled into a permanent space in the next week or so. I’ve been anticipating this transition for several weeks now. I’m just ready for it to happen. And it is…I just have to continue to choose the posture of patience and grace.