Sonny the Felon

by mereintention

Is the bus coming here?

Yes, in about 7 minutes.

Great, thanks. Can I share the bench with you?

Of course! There’s plenty of room.

It sure a cool breeze coming through here.

Yeah, it’s like winter finally decided to show up…sort of.

I’m from Baltimore, this is better than winter there.

I moved here from Minneapolis; this isn’t winter. There’s never winter here, in  my opinion.

Haha! That’s true! I’ve been here for a bit visiting. I got caught up in some stuff and I’m on parole…instead of doing jail time.

So you’re just riding it out and laying low?

Yeah. My name’s Sonny, what’s yours?

(we shake hands and smile)

Heather. Nice to meet you Sonny. I used to live on the east coast outside of DC, in Northern Virginia.

I grew up about 30 miles north of Baltimore. My daughter is out there. I just talked to her today. She just got her phlebotomy certificate and got a job at the VA hospital. I’m so proud of her. She’s only 19 and she’s got a great job and loves it and will even have benefits!

That’s fantastic! Good for her.

Yeah, I’ve been gone for about nine years. Her mom and I are still close. I hear about all the good things and when there’s something bad, I’m the first to know, too. I was in prison, but they have always stayed in contact with me.

That’s great that you’ve stayed in contact.

Yeah, I was in prison for bank robbery – not anything sexual or nothin’.

Okay, no need to clarify.


How do I say this…I’m pro-doing-the-time-and-moving-along-in-life. I think it’s important for you to have that opportunity.

Wow! Thank you for that!


(we get on the bus together and sit across the isle from one another)

So, what’s for dinner?

Not sure. I forgot to think about it today? What about you?

Well, I’m trying to decide. You know, I like Taco Bell sometimes, but man there’s nothing like tacos from one of those food trucks!

Oh yeah, I agree. Nothing like fresh tacos! Though I have to be careful with Taco Bell and consider what I plan to be doing tomorrow!

Haha! That’s true! Yeah, I live at a hotel right now so it limits my options for food.

That would be tricky.

I’m going to catch the 6 bus. Do you know where that crosses?

No, I’m sorry, I only know the 1 route.

Okay. Well,  Heather, it was a real pleasure meeting you today and talking for a while. You’re a beautiful, honest person. Thank you for that.

Sonny, it was great to meet you. I hope you have a great rest of the day!

(we smile and shake hands as he gets off the bus)

Bye, Heather!

Bye, Sonny!