Mere Intention

be vulnerable

Month: June, 2013


A large project is off my plate at work, after way too many hours spent on it.

I’m holding myself to the schedule agreed to when I started working again – this extra 45 minutes a day in the office adds up, but not worth the sanity I’m losing over the rush to get home.

I bought two bottles of wine on the way home this afternoon – one already chilled, and it was all I could do to not pop it open in the driveway and drink from the bottle.

The husband goes out of town tomorrow for a few days and I don’t feel like cooking tonight, so we’re taking the kids out somewhere where they get to eat free. And there won’t be any dishes to load or wash. And we need some time out of the house together.

Then I’m coming home and drinking wine with my husband. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

and. aaaand, vacation is only TWO weeks away!!!

I’m exhausted.


back on the bus…(warning: f-bomb)

“fuck yeah. blood on the walls. cash deals only. fuck yeah. dead on the floor. blood on the walls. cash deals, i said cash deals only. fuck yeah. fuck yeah. everybody’s dead. cash deals only. blood on the walls fuck yeah. got some cash? cash deals only. blood on the walls. yeah. fuck yeah…”

~spoken out loud to no one in particular by the middle aged man with ice blue eyes sitting right behind me on the bus who’s body odor was so bad it made my eyes water