by mereintention

This time last year was tough.

Things are pretty good now.

Life just keeps going. A day at a time, a week at a time, a month or more at a time. The sun keeps coming up and I’m expected to keep participating. I’ve been doing better at that.

I’m working almost-full-time, my husband was recently laid-off from his job, the kids are beginning to have their own schedules (piano/birthday parties/dance/swimming), it’s holiday season, I’m dipping my toe back into some leadership-y stuff at church, I want to spend time with my friends.

My kids have been very vocal about their frustrations with seeing decorations and advertisements for Xmas when Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet.  It makes me proud. As far as I know we haven’t said anything specifically over the years about this lack of respect for Thanksgiving and blatant consumeristic promotion of Xmas, but they’re getting it from somewhere, and that’s okay by me.

I think part of what my kids are observing is the rush of the season. In our house, beginning in late November, we have my birthday, Thanksgiving, dad’s birthday, brother’s birthday, THEN Xmas. Not to mention a gaggle of family and close friend birthdays over November and December. We celebrate one thing at a time. That’s it. Xmas season does not start until after Thanksgiving – maybe even the week after. I love that my kids in their almost-nine and almost-six years are already recognizing that taking things one day and one person at a time is what we value as a family.

We want our children to see us living life in a way that reflects our family values. This means looking at one another when we speak, turning off the tv/phone/computer and playing Legos or reading books, caring for our animals, taking care of our bodies by eating healthfully and responsibly, working at work and being home at home, crying when things are funny, laughing when things are scary, tending to our house and yard and garden together because we all live here, visiting our neighbors.

The coming year is sure to bring things that we aren’t expecting, and we’re fine with that. We’ll recalibrate when we need to, do a little freaking out when needed, and give one another plenty of hugs. That’s how we’re trying to do life.