12 Weeks

by mereintention

12 weeks ago, I left my job.

I’ve completed tasks, like:

  • re-stocked my pantry and cleaning closet
  • gone through sections of the house and trashed plenty of things
  • worked on meal plans and grocery shopping
  • vacuumed a lot
  • used the slow-cooker for the first time in over a decade
  • taken cars to the mechanic
  • paid bills
  • taken the dogs to the groomer
  • shredded old paperwork

I’ve been intentional and fully present when:

  • taking my son and friends to football practice twice a week and watching them play on Saturdays
  • volunteering in my daughters classroom about every week
  • staying with one of my best friends from high school for a few days before visiting family
  • planning a trip to Las Vegas for me and my hubby (our first time!)
  • having coffee with friends, often
  • watching my kids, just watching them
  • practicing yoga about three times a week
  • taking my daughter to school every morning and picking her up in the afternoons
  • loading the washing machine
  • reading books

What I’ve not done is:

  • be distracted
  • battled anxiety
  • worried about missing something
  • hurried
  • showered often enough
  • forgotten to pick up a kid
  • spent enough time with my husband

In the next 12 weeks, I hope to continue with intention as I move through my days, thinking about what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for – myself, my family, others – and continue to practice aligning my actions with my desires.

The next 12 weeks finish out 2016. My intention when leaving my job was to focus on my family at least through the end of the year. Half way there and I’m feeling okay about things. Good, I think. But the time has flown by and I’m interested to see how energies move in the coming weeks.

I walked away from too much trying to be accomplished in too little time, and now often find myself pleasantly surprised at how slowly a day can go by – something I’m thankful the universe is handing me.